A foundation of fairness

Flagging Services was founded on the belief that when people are treated with respect and paid a fair wage, they can rise to meet any challenge. We’ve taken that ethos to heart to become Maine’s premiere provider of traffic control services.

Our team. Our biggest asset

Our employees go through extensive training programs with DOT-Certified trainers. When they enter a job site or work in the field, they are knowledgeable, safety-conscious and meet the State of Maine standards for traffic control.

Employers and contractors know what to expect when they see the Flagging Services emblem on the hardhats and vests of our team. Our flaggers combine professionalism with a commitment to safety that Maine businesses have come to trust.

The benefits of Flagging Services

The construction industry is hard enough without the added stain of advertising, vetting, and hiring qualified, professional flaggers for each job. That’s where Flagging Services comes in. We offer the staff and the training so our flaggers arrive on time—every time.

Why work for us?

If you’re looking for a safe, easy way to join the lucrative and exciting construction industry, then Flagging Services is the place to be.

We offer:
• Competitive pay
• Sign-on and referral bonuses
• Flexible hours (daytime/nighttime, full-time/part-time shifts to match your schedule)
• On the job training
• Career development

Why wait? Join the team

We’re hiring! Click here to apply to join our ever expanding team of flaggers and traffic control specialists!